If you don't think about the future you can't have one.

Saturday, October 22, 2016

Neoversum depicts the future

My name is Paul Ostendorf. I am a futurologist which means I study the future. I do that for a living. My day to day work with Neoversum involves tracking developments across the whole field of science, technology, economy, environment, sustainability and society. My research focuses on what will most likely happen next and how that will affect our everyday lives.

My vision regarding the future can be easily summarized:
• The major obstacle between us and Utopia is us
• The road to Utopia has no end and is extremely fascinating
• Utopia is constantly on the move and is getting better all the time
• The goal is not to get in Utopia but to be going to Utopia

I share my thoughts on the future in fascinating presentations that most people will remember for years. Many people in lots of different countries attended my presentations. I've worked with companies and organizations all over Europe and North-America sharing my future visions. I also lecture in several post-graduate programs, write columns and frequently you will find interviews with me in the media.

As a futurologist I do not predict the future. That is just impossible. Based on science and technological progress however it is possible to depict a realistic future. Although some future visions might seem outlandish or even impossible, anything that is both possible and desirable will eventually happen. It's just a matter of gaining the knowledge to do so. Visionaries have ideas that stand out there as something to be looked at, maybe shot down, proven or disproven, but they are part of the process of staking out where the frontier of knowledge is. Thus I just happen to think that man is the master of his own fate.